Welcome To Army Public School

From Principal’s Desk……………………………...........

Dear Students, Teachers & Parents

 “Every new beginning is a gift; every new responsibility is a challenge and every opportunity is a moment of grace”. As I assume this noble responsibility of becoming the Principal of this prestigious institution, I firmly believe that it is my prime duty to encourage and motivate every student under my care to become a complete, productive and quality individual possessing the 5C’s that is CHARACTER, COMPETENCE, COMPASSION, CONSCIENCE and COMMITMENT. The goal of education is to form children into persons committed to work for creation of a society where love, fellowship, justice and brotherhood exist. Students have to be molded by making them experience the significance of these values in the school itself.

 Respected teachers, A person involved in education must be a person of dedication, diligence and sacrifice. Above all he/she must be a person of love - a person of genuine love for what he is doing with children. If as educators we have a genuine love for children entrusted under our care and guidance, only then everything else will fall in line. Teachers can achieve their goal only by their exemplary lives and performing their duties in words and deeds. I strongly believe that “An engine driver minds the train but a teacher trains the minds.” Training a mind is more challenging and self –satisfying. Teaching is not less than having a great super power. We touch many lives over the years and have an impact that is hard for any other individual to match. In fact, teaching is an act of giving.

My words of advice for our proud students .…..Dear  Children! You all are the very unique and wonderful creation of God who has blessed you with abundant talents. You must believe in yourself and give your best to make the difference. Hard work, passion, greater focus and perseverance can turn an underachiever into a super achiever.

With the combined efforts of our hardworking and dedicated faculty and support staff, goodwill of our parents and guidance of our SAMC; we are confident that APS Lalgarh Jattan Cantt will continue to evolve consistently and will touch the Zenith of academic and non-academic excellence.
We are also grateful to the parents for reposing year after year their faith and extending the whole hearted support in all walks of our journey towards EXCELLENCE.
May God bless us all
"With Best Wishes"

Kuldip Kumar