House System

House System



              The House system occupies a prominent position in the line of co-curricular activities, which are organised in a healthy competitive spirit. Each student is allotted a particular house at the time of admission and he/she continues his/her loyalty to the house during hi/her stay in the school. It helps the students to learn great ideals of self-discipline, democratic leadership, team-spirit, loyalty and a sense of belonging to the institution. The school is presently divided into four houses viz Shivalik (Green), Aravali (Yellow), Neelgiri (Blue) & Vindhyachal (Red).

The House on duty has to carry out the following responsibilities:- 

  1. Conducting the morning assembly including a thought for the day, news, quiz and a short talk.
  2. Writing the news on the 'News board' and the thought on 'Thought for the day' board.
  3. Ensuring discipline.
  4. Flag-Hoisting and flag lowering.
  5. Arranging bicycles in the stand.
  6. Looking into the cleanliness of the school.
  7. Conducting the mass P.T.
  8. Making arrangements for co-curricular activities.


Each house elects various office bearers for the smooth conduct co-curricular activities and daily assignments. The office bearers are

  • Captain
  • Vice Captain
  • Two Sports Captains
  • Two Discipline Captains


Composition of Houses

  1. House Masters
  2. House Teachers
  3. House Appointments
  • House Captain (Boys)
  • House Captain (Girls)
  • House Cultural-in-charge (Boys and Girls)
  • House Sports Captain (Boys and Girls)
  • House Discipline-in-charge


House Duties – Every house will carry out its duties on weekly basis.


           Main Duties

  • Movement Supervision during assembly, recess and dispersal.
  • House Board duties (Daily Charge).
  • Conduct of House assembly.
  • Participation in Inter House CCA Activities.

House Master/Misters

  • All the HMs will responsible for the overall activities, maintenance of house records and discipline of their respective houses.
  • They will maintain a house register and update the same on regular basis in all respects.
  • They assign house duties/duty points in writing.
  • They will be responsible for planning the house duties properly in advance(preferably on previous Sat of the duty week) and put up to the undersigned before duty week.


Evaluation of Best House of the year –


       Running Trophies

  • Overall Trophy for Best House.
  • Best in Academics
  • Best in Sports
  • Best in CCA


Overall Best –                    Based on performance points in academics, CCA and Sports


Best in Academics –          Based on Overall API (classes I – X) of the house children in all the exams.


Best in CCA –                     Based on Inter House CCA Competitions.


Imp –                                 Extra bonus points will be added to a house whose student –

  • Participate at district, State or National level activity : 05 Points
  • Get medal / winner :

      Gold/1st position/Winner          :                                 20 Points

      Silver/2nd position/Runner      :                                  15 Points

      Bronze/3rd position                :                                  10 Points

  • Participation in any out of school activity :              05 Points
  • School CBSE topper (X) :                                      20 Points
  • Nomination and selection for Best Student :            05 Points


Negative Marking –            The house may get negative marking for the following

  • Any act of indiscipline by the house students : –10 Points
  • For every students (less than 60%) : – 01 Points

Note : API – Annual Extra and Class X API will be carried forward to the next session.